5 Steps to Natural Beauty Bag

5 Steps to Natural Beauty Bag

I’ve been getting more and more messages from you telling me that you have watched Toxic Beauty documentary 🧪 Many of you have revised your beauty stashes and found some unwelcome ingredients😳

I am very happy that more and more people want to switch to natural cosmetics💚 But I know that it requires resources💸 Let’s not panic🖐🏻 I suggest doing it step by step🐾 What should you start with? Here is my list of priorities📝

  1. LIPS - because we literally eat all the lipsticks, glosses, pencils and balms. And feed them to our men too
  2. BODYCARE - because skin on body takes the largest area. So much space for ingredients to be absorbed. They better be good.
  3. SKINCARE - because skincare is more important than make-up.
  4. FOUNDATION - because it covers whole 'face and has the biggest effect on skin condition amongst all make-up.
  5. MASCARA - because it is very close to eyes, one of the main senses. Don't want to joke with that.

This and other questions regarding natural cosmetics we discuss in online individual masterclasses

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