Fragrance / Parfum - Toxin In Your Cosmetics

Fragrance / Parfum - Toxin In Your Cosmetics

FRAGRANCE/PARFUM can contain anything from 3000 ingredients☝🏻They can be either natural and synthetic🤷🏻‍♀️

❗️Synthetic fragrance can cause: allergy, skin irritation, redness, runny nose and eyes, migrene, asthma symptoms. Some of them are linked to nervous system disruption and even cancerogenic😱

The is no rule for perfumers to disclouse the exact ingredients as it is considered a trade secret🔐 And cosmetic brands gladly signed up under these no-rules🖌

In natural cosmetics fragrance is usually taken from essential oils🌸 This is marked on label✅ Quality of essential oils is another topic🙈 They are considered as allergens, so more sensitive people should be aware🙏🏻

FRAGRANCE-FREE does not always mean that product does not contain any fragrances‼️ They can be added with masking agent that does not allow brain to perceive the aroma🤯

My personal opinion: if all ingredients in product are natural and clean, I will trust the fragrance too🙌🏻 If the brand puts in the formula toxic chemicals, fragrance more likely will be synthetic too🤔
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